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01 kwie 2014, 11:37
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Temat: skręt włosa
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Re: skręt włosa

It is due to hair drying issues and that is why it splits. To avoid this cut the hair ends occasionally and makes sure provide good oil treatments for the hair every week. pure garcinia reviews Proper treatment of the hair can reduce the hair splitting and other issues with the same.
autor: lourencohen
13 mar 2014, 11:04
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Temat: prosba o pomoc zludzenie optyczne
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Re: prosba o pomoc zludzenie optyczne

The absent minded optical illusion about hair dressing is very serious. I had a client earlier, she was facing this issue and get in to many troubles. She tries changing her hair color but gets unexpected results, sometimes weird. Mix her different color cloths, and wash together and all turns out t...