Nike air max 1 pompidou

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Nike air max 1 pompidou

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Nike sneakers womens white Since 1987 the Nike Air Max 1 has been released in a wild array of materials, colorways, and patterns. Yet, Nike also knows sometimes you just want to lace up a clean and simple pair of Air Max 1s, like these two new AM1 arrivals that just hit the shelf.

Nike sneakers mens black 2019 The introduction of the Nike Air Max not only revolutionised the sports world but the fashion world as well. Fast forward 32 years and the technology has been fully realised in the Air Max 720. The single air bag has been replaced in favour of the largest air unit in history, which runs round the length of the shoe, providing unparalleled comfort and support.

Nike air max sneakers for girls The Nike Air Max 1 was the very first sneaker to feature a visible Air cushioning unit in the heel. While today we see “Air” on a majority of Nike’s sneaker designs, the concept was not well-received back in ‘87.

Nike air max 1 pompidou In fact, people thought the Air bubble would pop with normal wear. The concern was so great that, at the time, Nike’s marketing department didn’t even think that they could sell the shoe. But thankfully, the concept moved forward, and as you know, the Air Max has become one of the most important sneakers in the history of footwear.

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