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Wolna dyskusja na temat producenta - piszcie co sądzicie o działalności firmy, szkoleniach, polityce cenowej.
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cheap retro Parley Adidas Eqt Support Adv

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Adidas Australia Before the adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 drops this December, the third iteration remains a focal point of the brands release strategy through the remainder of the year.This Core Black and grey edition that recently released is ideal for transitional wears in fall. Black Primeknit is marked with patterning coupled with a grey TPU cage and accompanying heel counter. Of course, the shoe is finished with fulllength BOOST, largely considered the best cushioning in the business.You can grab this adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Core BlackGrey now at select shops like Foot District.

Adidas Singapore The NFL season is upon us and weve teamed up with DraftKings for their FREE entry Billion Dollar Lineup Contest. So, whats in it for you For one, you could win a billion dollars by entering the contest for free and picking the perfect fantasy football lineup. Whats almost as good Exclusive to Nice Kicks readers, were giving away a pair of deadstock size 12 Red October Nike Air Yeezy 2s as well as a pair of Nice Kicks x adidas NMD PKs for readers that play.For your chance at the kicks and the cash, all you have to do is enter the contest through our IG linkand pick your lineup. Entry is free and two winners will be selected at random to receive either the Yeezys or NMDs, respectively.Good luckOfficial contest rules listed here.

Adidas UK words, photos interview Ray P.Welcome to a new series on Nice Kicks entitled DJ FEET. Long gone are the days where the only superstars are singers and rappers. The DJ has now reemerged to the forefront especially in Electronic Dance Music. Much like cleats are essential to the performance of a Football player, the same applies for music selectors who are much more conscious about their choice of footwear than you think. In this series we sit down with DJs from all over the world to discuss their taste in sneakers, the role kicks play in their lives and music culture today.Our first sit down is with one of the best DJs and one of my favorites in EDM right nowAnna Lunoe. Her ability to story tell throughout an hour long DJ set while introducing you to new music and keeping up the great vibes is unmatched. The Sydney, Australia native has put in a decade worth of work DJing. She came up opening for the likes of Diplo and ATrak, to touring with The Weeknd and eventually becoming the first solo female DJ toperform at EDC Las Vegas main stage. The combinationof her stellar skills behind the decks and production landed Anna her very own Apple Music radio station entitled HYPERHOUSE that has been airing for the past two years.RAY P.While touring as a photographer for a few artists, Ive noticed certain DJs like yourself are very much into style and sneakers just like I am. Everyone has a unique story that explains their tastes and we rarely hear from our favorite music selectors, that was my inspiration for this new series. Im so happy youre the first to sit down with us. Lets get straight to it.Well start from the beginning whats your relationship with sneakers growing upANNA LUNOE I grew up as an athlete. I was a Sprinter, so I was obsessed with Nike. On my Christmas list every year, I wanted new Nike spikes. And when the original Huaraches came out, I remember going to the store every week checking on the new colors. I was so into it I would smell the neoprene from the Huaraches. As a young kid growing up in Australia, Nike was most popular for running.RPA Sprinter Thats awesome, haha. Im the same way with leather by the way. The smell is addicting. Take me through your relationship with sneakers now as an adult and DJ.ANNA LUNOE Ive been wearing a lot adidas for the past couple of years and theres a few reasons for that. I love the colors and design. I feel adidas really understands how to make sneakers that are fashionable, but also comfortable and easy to pack in my luggage.I love adidas Gazelles because they pack lightly and if I need to take three pairs of sneakers, its easy. With playing a lot of shows, traveling with a carryon all the time is a mustIts practicality with the Gazelles. They come in all different colors, so I mix and match them. I rotate through color palettes every two months until I get sick of it then change my wardrobe.RP I can totally relate. I travel a lot myself and I love options, ha Suede on the Gazelle is my favorite detail. That texture makes me drool and youre right its classic and cozy.Ive seen footwear brands invest into Hip Hop shows very often and rarely into EDM, even though its nearing a $10 Billion industry. adidas is probably the most consistent. Maybe thats because people at the brands dont listen to the music or dont know very much about the culture very. But, from my experience working in the Dance industry, there are tons of DJs like yourself, Diplo, Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, Jillionaire, and more who are really fashion forward.How do you think adidas or any footwear brand can help improve the cultureANNA LUNOE I think what adidas did with sponsoring events like The Greatest Day Ever Festival is exactly how all footwear brands can improve the culture. Creating an atmosphere and a place for artists to do their thing, thats the best thing any brand can do in 2017, you know Its such a cool thing for the community and it means that the audience is being educated to so much more music than whats on the radio.Its really hard for artists to make money in a lot of ways, maybe the big guys are doing good, but all the other people on the lineups need a good gig. Putting money in the music ecosystem is really important. I think a lot of brands dont even realize the impact they have on music because its keeping food on the table for these artists.Of course, its important to look good. But, its also important for artists to be able to make a living.RAY P Youre 100 right. I think music education is the key because I grew up in the Bronx, NY and was only subjected to Hip Hop. We didnt have any events that played any other type of music, so I didnt discover EDM until I moved to Vegas in 2010 and it turns out I really love the music along with the culture surrounding it.Crazy enough, The Greatest Day Ever Festival is the first EDM based festival Ive ever seen in the Bronx. And for adidas to sponsor that, lets say a lot of people in the Bronx dont know majority of the lineup maybe theyll come because they identify with adidas and their footwear, so the artists theyre putting money behind are worth checking out. Boom, you might discover your new favorite artistWhen it comes to women specifically in EDM culture, I think you do a really great job of being proud to be a woman and being proud to open doors for other women. How do you want to continue using your platform to impact women to participate and contribute to the Dance cultureANNA LUNOE I think that power in numbers is really important. The more women that are visible, the more that women decide to try. Thats half the battle because if you dont see other women doing things, subconsciously you dont think youre allowed to. The only thing that can encourage people is them seeing me doing my job, see me living my life, and for me to be accepting and open hearted to all the girls coming up underneath me. That creates a culture of acceptance and welcoming. You have to love music and love dance music and want to go through a lot because its not an easy job.RAY P. I love the way you think and there definitely are actions behind your words. Being the first solo female act to play mainstage at EDC Vegas is pretty iconic.Youre about to play one of your last gigs before having your first born child, I wish you the best of luck with Baby Lunoe Keep rocking.ANNA LUNOE Thank you so muchKeep up with Anna Lunoe on Instagram. Give her latest single GODZILLA a listen and discover the rest of Annas music on Apple Music or Spotify. And definitely check out her HYPERHOUSE radio show which airs every Friday between 9pm 11pm PST live on BEATS1 radio.

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