TOTS La Liga Santander is Out

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TOTS La Liga Santander is Out

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It would not have been easy. After dropping the first race in home with a bombastic 3 to 0 Juve simply had to overcome, transcend their limitations for even thinking of having the ability to perform the qualification in Madrid. Juventus arrives in Madrid filled with hope and ready to play everything, having nothing left to lose. Allegri's team starts off with a large, enthusiastic and enthused start playing a competitive game in the first minutes, putting Real immediately in apprehension.

The bianconeri desire a target instantly to possess even the slightest hope of passing the turn. They find it using a lightning attack performed by the best, a ball recovered aggressively in midfield, soft and depth cross in the center. Mandzukic does not wait high to throw it in with a precise header. The game started well but Real does not stop trying. It generates and places in trouble the Juventus defense, Bale and Ronaldo are the best dangers. A goal will be enough to demolish any Juventus energy.

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