Several changes are planned for FIFA 20

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Several changes are planned for FIFA 20

Post autor: mmocs » 08 maja 2019, 03:39

EA Sports, the division of Electronic Arts that develops and publishes sports videogames, is ready for the launch of the new FIFA 20, the 28th edition of the most sold and played football video game in the world, this time with many new features. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode is one of the main innovations designed for the new FIFA, which today does not yet have a certain release date nor a cover (on which, in the last edition, Cristiano Ronaldo, then Neymar, Paulo took turns Dybala and Kevin De Bruyne). Still no trailers regarding the news in terms of graphics, content and gameplay. In the event dedicated to its EA Play 2019 video games, on stage from June 7 to 9 in Los Angeles, it is very likely that EA Sports will be able to show some preview to the public, maybe even a real launch trailer, however at the moment these are only speculation.

Several changes are planned for FIFA 20. The most important ones concern the introduction of the VAR (the possibility for the referee to verify the regularity of a goal, the assignment of a penalty kick, possible expulsion, etc.) of the DYNAMIC WEATHER , that is the change of the weather during the game (for example from rain to sun), NEW STADIUMS (the most important will be that of Tottenham but new facilities are also planned, including English, Italian and Spanish stadiums, available to players) .

There is also anticipation for the possibility of the VIRTUAL REALITY, a novelty awaited for years and that could see the light of day with the launch of FIFA 20. For the new version of FIFA we talk about sales expectations that should exceed 25 million copies, thus establishing the new record belonging to FIFA 18 with 24 million copies sold. Let us remember that when it was born (1993) EA SPORTS soccer game sold a total of almost 300 million copies. Buy Cheap FUT 20 Coins on with Cheap Price and Safe Payment.

The FIFA Ultimate Team, which with FIFA 20 should be chosen by an even larger number of players, also receives more and more acclaim. For the FIFA 20 cover the most common names are those of the PSG attacker Kylian Mbappé and the attacker of the Tottenham Son Heung-min. Watch out for Real Madrid midfielder Luca Modric. And even if it seems almost impossible for Cristiano Ronaldo to be repeated, the final surprise could still be around the corner.

For more than a decade EA Sports has launched the annual edition of the game towards the end of September, which is why despite the company has not yet announced an official release date - it could do so from 7 to 9 June next in the EA Play event 2019 to be held at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles - this should coincide with September 27, 2019, or the last Friday of the month as happened with FIFA 18 and FIFA 19.

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